Shabbona Hometown Events Committee Privacy Policy

February 6th, 2018

You as a visitor, web surfer, supplier, or vendor are entitled to complete privacy and the Shabbona Hometown Events Committee will never share, sell, exchange, trade, or otherwise give any of your private information to any other entity or individual.

The Shabbona Hometown Events Committee does collect your name, email address and phone number and other information related to parade, volunteering, and vendor data. We do collect personal information as part of a contract or signup sheet. The information that you provide is securely protected and will never be sold.

Your trust and continued support are our only interest. We pledge to never break that trust.

There may be occasion when you are contacted via email or telephone about any significant changes involving our site, our event, or important new information; however, you will always be able to opt-out in an easy and seamless fashion.

Thank you for supporting the Shabbona Hometown Events Committee!